Google Mode

Updated 3 months ago by aezakmi

When creating a fingerprint in your personal account, a new function "Google Mode" has appeared. By activating it, you automatically apply several subtle settings to the created fingerprint, which will help you even better pass Google's anti-fraud.

Now you can register a Google account without asking you to enter a mobile phone (if you have high-quality proxies).

You can watch a visual video on how to do this here

IMPORTANT: If you use Google Mode, the OS of the fingerprint must be the same as on your PC. If your PC uses Windows, then you need to choose OS Widnows when you create a fingerprint. The same works for macOS.

Also, you cannot transfer a fingerprint with activated "Google Mode" to a user with an operating system different from the operating system of the fingerprint, since in "Google Mode" we allow sites to use their fonts to display information and use the fonts of the user of his native OS. This makes you much more trustworthy to sites, but does not allow you to work with a different operating system.

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