Transferring fingerprints to 1.9.3

Updated 3 months ago by aezakmi

In version 1.9.3, it is no longer possible to switch between fingerprints in one browser profile, so if you previously used one profile to work with multiple fingerprints, you will have the last one running in it. In order to run old prints without losing cookies and browser history, you need to do the following:

Open your browser profile and enter the command chrome: // version /

There you will see the path to your profile, type it in the address bar of the file explorer of your OS. All your profile folders will open.

Next, take the folder you need (the number is indicated in the path to the profile) and copy it as many times as you need to pull out the prints from there. And give them your new names (better just in numbers)

After that, create new browser profiles in the required quantity (how many prints you need to return) and in the shortcut properties change the browser profile number to the number of the folder you need (which you yourself renamed before)

After saving, start this profile and select the fingerprint you need (which has not yet been launched) and press start. Repeat this procedure for each print.

After your fingerprint is loaded with cookies and browser history, you can click the "Save session" button and go to this fingerprint with cookies and browser history from any PC.

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