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After you have installed the program and restarted your computer, two shortcuts will appear on the desktop: Aezakmi Browser 1 and CreateNewBrowserProfile.

Aezakmi Browser 1 is the first profile of your browser.

CreateNewBrowserProfile is responsible for creating new AEZAKMI browser profiles

To create an additional browser profile, you need to run CreateNewBrowserProfile. Since the program runs in the background, there will be no pop-up windows after launch, and after its execution, a shortcut to the new browser profile will appear.

Browser profiles holds isolated browser sessions, in other words, you can work with two or more browser fingerprints at the same time, for example, by logging into different facebook accounts; at the same time, the fb anti-fraud system will think that the accounts were logged in from different physical devices!

The number of profiles is limited by your disk space and PC RAM. The number of profiles launched is limited by the processing power of your PC.

A detailed video review of the functionality of Aezakmi, with convenient timecodes, you can watch here

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