Creating a fingerprint profile

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 After you have logged into AEZAKMI, you are at the page for creating a new fingerprint profile. A new fingerprint is created in five clicks. The interface offers to sequentially select:

• OS type

• Browser type

• screen resolution

• Video card model

Then press GENERATE and a new fingerprint will be created.


All fingerprints are collected from real machines. The developers periodically add new ones to the database.


Before creating a new fingerprint profile, make sure that none of the existing fingerprint profiles is enabled in the AEZAKMI extension. Therefore, to create new masks, we recommend ALWAYS use the first browser profile AEZAKMIBROWSER1, which you do not use for work, or a clean browser through which you access the Internet.

You can find a detailed video instruction here


You can also create a random print by choosing only the screen resolution. You can read more about this here

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