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Canvas Hash


Canvas is an HTML5 element designed to create a two-dimensional raster image using scripts, usually in JavaScript. The origin of the block is at the top left. Each element of the block is built from it. The size of the coordinate space does not necessarily reflect the size of the actual displayed area. By default, its width is three hundred pixels and its height is one hundred and fifty.

It is used, as a rule, for drawing graphs for articles and the playing field in some browser games. But it can also be used to embed videos in a page and create a full-fledged player.

Used in WebGL for hardware accelerated 3D graphics.

The replacement of the canvas hash occurs due to the javascript modifications of the getContext () function. It is needed to render a 2d image via canvas. This function has four parameters: red, green, blue, alpha. By changing these parameters, in the end, the image that the site wants to render will look different, which means the canvas hash will differ from your real one.

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