Navigator (User Agent)

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Navigator in javascript stores various browser parameters, for example, operating system, languages ​​in the browser, etc. We will analyze some of them below. Replaced by changing the standard javascript functions for receiving navigator and screen parameters.


User-agent is a string that contains the assembly version, your operating system, browser version and some other information. The amount of information differs from browser to browser.

Platform - shows on what operating system the browser is built (compiled).

Screen resolution is an important browser parameter; it affects the size of the browser, the size of your screen, the location of the browser on your screen, etc. The browser runs in a window and cannot be opened, otherwise you may find some real browser settings

Language and language - the first is the main language; the second is the array of your languages. When generating a fingerprint, it is created at the expense of your ip address (proxy, vpn or your provider).

DoNotTrack - the parameter shows sites your refusal to track your data

BuildID - browser build id

HardwareConcurency - number of processor cores

Oscpu shows the operating system being used. Only available in firefox.

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