Bulk Fingerprint Generation

Updated 3 months ago by aezakmi

You can create any number of prints you need at a time using the "Massgen" function.

To do this, click on the "Create New Profile" button

And then go to the "Massgen" tab

1) Here you write the name of your prints, also select the quantity you need, the screen resolution and the model of the video card.

2) In this field you can turn off noises (but we do not recommend doing this)

3) At this point, you can add cookies to each print, you need to enter line by line, how many prints, as many lines of cookies. If there are fewer cookie lines, then the last prints will be without them.

4) Enter your proxies here as well. If you enter the number of proxies equal to the number of prints, then each will have its own proxy. If the number of proxies is less than the number of prints, then proxies will be taken in a circle. There will be no fingerprints without a proxy.

After you have filled in all the fields, press the "Generate" button.

Next, create your own browser for each fingerprint and launch it through the extension.

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